Version 01 November 2018


Please read these Terms and conditions carefully prior to using our Website, as these will apply to your use of our website and our Services.


  1. In general


Sompani UG (“Sompani”, “Sompani Talent Communities”, “us”, “we”, or “our”) has created several websites (our website) that operates as online Talent Pool platforms that offer Services, as defined hereinafter for registered Users, as defined hereinafter that are active in a Startup. The present Terms and conditions together with our additional Privacy and Cookie Policy apply to the use of our website whether as a guest or a registered user. Use of our website includes accessing, browsing, or registering to use our website.


By using our website, you acknowledge and confirm that you have read and understood these Terms and conditions, and accept to be legally bound by the application of these Terms and conditions, including our additional Privacy and Cookie Policy. If you do not agree to all of these Terms and conditions and our Privacy and Cookie Policy, you must not use our website or register for our Services.


We may modify these Terms and conditions and our Privacy and Cookie Policy from time to time by amending this page and therefore advise to regularly check this page, as these modifications are binding on you. Any derogation from the present Terms and conditions and our Privacy and Cookie Policy is excluded unless a prior explicit and written agreement by us.


  1. Definitions


2.1.     Users


Users as defined in the present Terms and conditions are natural persons and legal entities who have registered and whose registration is confirmed by Sompani Talent Communities. Users can only register, if they are part of the Talent Pool community. If the startup (domain) of the User is not yet registered with Talent Pool, Sompani Talent Communities will provide an answer with regard to the necessary steps to register upon demand of the User, if Sompani Talent Communities deems necessary.


Users who successfully registered could be considered both User-Referrer as well as User-Recruiter depending on the nature of their activity as explained as follows:


– A User-Referrer is a specific registered User who refers a Candidate, as defined hereinafter, of which it guarantees the receipt of an informed consent to upload its following mandatory personal information: availability date, educational level, language(s), professional experience, position, field, geographical area of availability, keywords describing the Candidate, as defined hereinafter, on the Talent Pool platform for the purpose of a possible recruitment by a User-Recruiter.


– A User-Recruiter is a specific registered User who browses through the Talent Pool platform in our pool of Candidates for a Candidate, downloads Candidate CV’s, views either short or full profiles and gets introduced to a Candidate for the purpose of interviewing and potentially hiring a Candidate, as defined hereinafter.



2.2.     Candidate


A Candidate is a natural person that is referred by a User-Referrer whom there is a connection between them. A connection may be, amongst others, a former job candidate, a former or current colleague, or an acquaintance that is looking for new job opportunities and is willing to be recruited via the Talent Pool platform and to work in a startup.


2.3. Talent Pool account


Following registration, the User will have to provide a password. The User is the only one who may use its Talent Pool account and must keep its password secret.


When logged in, in the top dashboard, Users are able to view their history of viewed Candidates; to access saved and referred Candidates; Candidates that are marked as favourite candidate, as well as a summary of Candidates of which Users that have been introduced to.


The top dashboard will allow a User-Recruiter to confirm a hire, in case a Candidate signed an employment contract or otherwise if the User-Recruiter employs either directly or indirectly a Candidate that it has found through the use of our Talent Pool platform.


2.4.     Referral rewards on public Sompani marketplace


Referred candidates will remain exclusively accessible to the Talent Pool platform and its registered Users for a period of three weeks. If the Candidate has not been successfully hired in accordance to the stipulations under Section 5 of these Terms within three weeks after publishing Candidate’s profile on the Talent Pool platform, a copy of Candidate’s profile may be published to a public Sompani marketplace with a monetary referral reward attached.


In the event that a Candidate is hired on the public Sompani marketplace, the User hiring this Candidate through this public Sompani marketplace may be obliged to pay a referral reward attached to the profile. The referral reward will be paid out to User Recruiter that initially referred the Candidate on the Talent Pool platform. Payment will occur by means of a reverse invoice. The amount of respective referral rewards is determined by Sompani Talent Communities and may range between €200 and €15.000 (conversion to other currencies is under discretion of Sompani Talent Communities).


  1. Operation of our Services on the Talent Pool platform


Sompani Talent Communities sets up and operates the Talent Pool online platform in the area of human resources where Users and Candidates may come into contact with each other by referring and searching Candidates with a view of finding new employment relationships that in turn might lead to the payment of a Hiring Price, hereinafter collectively called “Services”.


Please find hereinafter the operation and the rules and guidelines on which Users may make use of our Services on our website.


3.1.     Registration


In order to be able to make use of our Services on the Talent Pool, Users are required to register as a User. During the registration process, you are required to provide your first name, last name, your startup email address, your phone number and a password.


Sompani Talent Communities will verify all logins either by pre-determined list of emails or manually after login. Only Startups with email-domains are eligible to use our Services. Should a User forget its password it should click on “forgot password” Sompani Talent Communities will send a verification email with a new password-reset link. Furthermore we ask you to read our Terms & Conditions as well as our Privacy Policy very attentively prior to register through the Talent Pool platform on our website and acknowledge and agree to be bound by these Terms and conditions.


To complete your registration as a User, you are required to confirm your email address by clicking the email confirmation link in the confirmation email we send you after your registration. If you cannot find this confirmation email, we would like to ask you to check your spam folder in your email account, or otherwise to contact You will need to register and confirm with your email address, containing the company’s name where you are currently working or an equivalent abbreviation, in order to be able to access Candidates’ full profiles or to complete a successful Candidate referral, as explained later.


Please be advised that Sompani Talent Communities only acts as enabler between Users and Candidates, and should under no circumstances be considered as an employer.


3.2.     Refer a Candidate


After a successful registration, a User-Referrer will be able to refer a Candidate. Each User-Referrer is solely responsible to obtain prior explicit and informed consent from the Candidate for the use of its personal information on the Talent Pool platform for the purposes of our Services.


Candidates cannot upload themselves and have to be referred by a User-Referrer. User-Referrers can only refer Candidates to the Talent Pool with a personal referral link, which is obtained upon successful registration to the platform.


Upon receipt of this referral link, Candidates may accept or refuse to be referred on the Talent Pool platform as Candidate. If a Candidate refuses to be referred, no other action needs to be taken. If a Candidate accepts to be referred it is necessary in order to finalize the referral that Candidate completes a profile through the referral link he or she initially obtained by User-Referrer and accept these Terms and Conditions as well as the Sompani Talent Communities Privacy Policy.


In order to secure the privacy of its Users and any potential Candidate, the Candidate will have the option to hide its profile a list of companies it selected prior to completing its profile review.


Upon completion of a profile on the Talent Pool platform, User-Referrer that initially provided Candidate a referral link will be notified either via email or directly through the Talent Pool platform. User-Referrer may then add a personal endorsement to Candidate’s profile and decide whether to approve or decline publication of Candidate’s profile on the Talent Pool platform. Candidate will not be able to modify the personal endorsement about him or her from the User-Referrer. Should a Candidate not agree on the content of the endorsement it could send a motivated email to Sompani Talent Communities will take all complaints seriously and will investigate them.


Candidate’s review and acceptance of these Terms & Conditions, of the Sompani Talent Communities Privacy Policy and User-Referrer’s approval to publish Candidate’s profile on the Talent Pool platform will be incumbent on a successful upload of the Candidate’s profile to the Talent Pool Talent Community pool.


On a weekly basis after a Candidate has been uploaded, the Candidate will be asked whether he or she is still looking for a job. He or she then has the possibility to remove the profile from our portal in case he or she is not actively looking for a job anymore.


If several User-Referrers try to upload the same Candidate, the effective User-Referrer will be the User-Referrer that was first accepted by the Candidate and accordingly approved to to be added to the Talent Pool by User-Referrer.


3.3.     Search a Candidate


User-Recruiters get unlimited access to Candidate short profiles.


Short profiles disclose the following information: User-Referrer’s position, User-Referrer’s field, User-Referrer’s employer; Candidate’s field, Candidate’s position, Candidate’s years of experience, Candidate’s languages, Candidate’s biography, Candidate’s geographic availability as well as User-Referrers endorsement. User-Recruiters can save short profiles that they are interested in, to be able to find them at a later point in time.


Full profiles disclose the following information: if a User-Recruiter is interested in a Candidate’s short profile, they can view the Candidate’s full profile by clicking on the button “view full profile”. Full profile discloses: Candidate CV, biography, field, position, connection between User-Referrer and Candidate, years of experience, languages, availability of EU working permit.


Sompani has made available a tailor made search algorithm in order to enable its User-Recruiters to filter their search amongst others, by position, skill tags, language, field, availability, language, years of experience. Furthermore, Sompani might in the near future integrate different curation weights to search results, improving the feed of candidates to User-Recruiter.


For example, User-Recruiters’ search results would rank a Candidate who is immediately available, speaks a lot of languages, and has a long work experience higher than a Candidate who is only available in 4 months, speaks only one language, and has no work experience.


Sompani allows its Users to browse in its specified pool of Candidates, view full Candidate profiles, download candidate CV’s, and get introduced to candidates for free. Unlimited access is granted for 5 candidate CV’s per month if User-Recruiter does not refer any candidates. Once a Candidate is referred by User-Recruiter, User-Recruiter’s role also turns into User-Referrer. In this case, User-Recruiter will add 50 additional free CV views per month. Statistics are reverted to 5 free CV views at the beginning of every month.


3.4.     Introduction between User-Recruiter and Candidate


A User-Recruiter is allowed to get in touch with any Candidate by clicking on Contact Candidate on the Candidate’s full profile page. After your confirmation, Sompani Talent Communities will send a request email to Candidate, asking for three optimal time-slots for an interview. Once Candidate indicates interest in the interview and states three possible interview dates and times, these dates and times will be forwarded to User-Recruiter that will in turn choose one date and time of convenience. Afterwards, an introduction email to User-Recruiter and the Candidate will be sent by Sompani Talent Communities, entailing a calendar invitation for both parties. The User-Recruiter is then allowed to get to know the Candidate and start the hiring/employment process.


  1. Other rights and obligations of Users and Candidates


4.1.     Obligation to provide accurate and correct information


Both the Users as well as the Candidates are obliged to supply correct, accurate and full information. The details must at all times be current and correct.


4.2.     User content


Whenever you make use of a feature that allows you to upload content to our website, or to make contact with other Users of our website, you must comply with the content standards set out in these Terms and conditions. You acknowledge that copying or using user content of another User actually requires the explicit consent of the other User.


Sompani Talent Communities is at any time entitled but not obliged to control the Users and the Talent Pool User Account and has the right to remove any posting you make on our website if, in our opinion, your post does not comply with our Terms and conditions. Sompani reserves the right to disclose your identity to any third party who is claiming that any content posted or uploaded by you to our website constitutes a violation of their intellectual property rights, or any other legitimate right it holds.


The User acknowledges that the following, non-exhaustive, acts are forbidden and therefore undertakes not to perform them:

  • Post content which may be considered as discriminatory, vindictive, threatening, deceptive, libellous, threatening or offensive;
  • Post content that contains obscenity, pornographic content or any other content that may compromise the human dignity;
  • Install computer viruses or any other malware;
  • Stalk other Users;
  • Inappropriate use of political, nationalist or religious symbols and/or beliefs;
  • Commit or incite to commit any crime or unlawful act;
  • Violate any (property) right or intellectual property right whether registered or not, including but not limited to copyright, trademark or designs, etc.
  • In general, perform any act that is in conflict with any law or which constitutes a violation of any third party’s rights and which otherwise is unlawful towards third parties or towards Sompani Talent Communities.


The User is solely responsible for securing and backing up their content. The views expressed by other Users on our website do not represent our views or values. In the event of a violation of any of these Terms and conditions, Sompani Talent Communities is entitled to block the Talent Pool account.


The User acknowledges and explicitly agrees that any use of Candidate information offered through the Talent Pool platform can only be used in connection with the purpose as described in our Services. No information, whether partial or as a whole may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means – either electronically or by copying or on any other way possible – without prior permission in writing from Sompani Talent Communities.


4.3.               Unauthorised use by minors


You are not permitted to create a Talent Pool account on our website if you are under 18 years of age and do not have the permission of your parent(s) or legal representative, if you in any other way lack capacity and did not obtain the consent of your legal representative or if Sompani Talent Communities has definitively or temporarily banned you from using the website.


4.4.     Right to use all content licence


Any content you upload to our website will be considered non-confidential and non-proprietary.


You retain all of your ownership rights in your content, but you explicitly agree that by making available the User content, you automatically grant Sompani Talent Communities and its partners a non-exclusive, transferable, royalty-free, world-wide licence that is not limited in time, with the possibility of sublicense, to use, reproduce, erase, amend or otherwise change this content without restriction, even if protected by any right, including but not limited to intellectual property rights.


You may also be granting such rights to other Users when you participate or contribute to interactive parts of our website.


4.5.     References


By using our website, User-Recruiters allow Sompani Talent Communities to use their information (logo, name, parts of their email) to identify the startup-character and disclose it to third parties.


By using our website, User-Referrers allow Sompani Talent Communities to use and disclose their (personal) information that they have provided or inserted on the Talent Pool platform.


Users and Candidates shall have the right to withdraw their authorization to Sompani Talent Communities at any time by sending an email at




  1. Pricing and payment method


A User-Recruiter may be charged for payment in the event a referred Candidate gets hired by / or is employed either directly/indirectly by this User-Recruiter through the Talent Pool platform under the terms and conditions as explained hereinafter.


5.1.     Payment obligation


A Successful hire or employment


A successful hire occurs as soon as Sompani Talent Communities either received confirmation from the User-Recruiter or the Candidate, or deems it reasonable to consider that a referred Candidate has been hired by a User-Recruiter or is employed either directly or indirectly by a User-Recruiter that registered on the Talent Pool platform and viewed the full profile of the respective Candidate.


When will a User-Recruiter be charged?


User-Recruiters get unlimited and free access to short profiles on our website.


A payment obligation named Service Commission takes place in the event a User-Recruiter accessed the full profile of a Candidate and only after an actual hire/or employment took place either within the company of the User-Recruiter or an associated firm of the company of the User-Recruiter or in the event a User-Recruiter facilitated the hire for another company.


Sompani Talent Communities will charge Service Commission of 4% of the gross annual target salary defined in the employment or service contract of the hired Candidate. Invoices for charges shall include VAT immediately and be sent at the latest within 14 (fourteen) calendar days upon a hire confirmation or in the event it could reasonable be considered that an actual hire/employment took place. The hire confirmation can be made either by Sompani Talent Communities, the Candidate, the User-Referrer or the User-Recruiter.


In the event of a late (or non-) payment, the amount of each invoice that is not entirely paid on the due date will be combined with a payable fixed penalty of 15% of the due payment, with a minimum of 500 Euro, as a compensation for administrative recovery costs. Moreover, a monthly interest of 1 % for late payment will be due.


Any dispute with regard to any invoice must reach Sompani Talent Communities by a motivated registered letter or e-mail within 7 (seven) calendar days after receipt of the invoice. We prefer an amicable solution and refer to our complaint procedure as set forth in section 12.


The payment obligation of the Service Commission by the User-Recruiter remains applicable in the event a User-Recruiter hired a Candidate which has been displayed on our website, and said User-Recruiter used our Services and accessed the full profile page of the Candidate at most 12 (twelve) months prior to the date of contract signature with the respective Candidate.


Both the Candidate and the User-Recruiter are obliged to inform Sompani Talent Communities of any Successful hire/employment! 


Sompani Talent Communities understands that a User-Recruiter or a Candidate might use other platforms (such as but without being exhaustive LinkedIn or other headhunting agencies) in order to find a new employment/Candidate. However, both the User-Recruiter and the Candidate explicitly acknowledge and agree to act in good faith and commit themselves not to attempt to approach any introduced Candidate from our the Talent Pool platform directly or through third parties in order to circumvent our Services.


If a User-Recruiter hires a Candidate whose full profile page this User-Recruiter accessed on our portal, the User-Recruiter agrees to act in good faith and inform Sompani Talent Communities of any Successful hire, either directly or indirectly, within a notice period of 7 (seven) calendar days starting at the point of contract signature with the respective Candidate or the direct/indirect employment. A User-Recruiter and a Candidate must within a notice period of 2 (two) calendar days inform Sompani Talent Communities on any hire or direct/indirect employment by email to In addition to the notice given by either party, either party is obliged to share a signed copy of the employment contract closed between parties with Sompani Talent Communities by sending it to within 7 (seven) calendar days starting at the point of contract signature. Such contract is necessary for the calculation of the Service Commission mentioned above.


A User-Recruiter hereby agrees that any failure to inform Sompani Talent Communities of a hire or an actual direct/indirect employment within the stated notice-period, or an (un) successful attempt of circumvention of our Services, could cause irreparable harm to Sompani Talent Communities, has the right to charge an immediately payable amount of EUR 10,000.00 as penalty for late disclosure or non-disclosure, notwithstanding the right to claim full damages. Same penalties apply in case User-Recruiter fails to purport the copy of the signed employment contract with Sompani Talent Communities in the stated notice-period.


If a User-Recruiter has paid Sompani Talent Communities the Service Commission, and Candidate leaves the company of the User-Recruiter due to a termination from either the User-Recruiter or the Candidate, the User-Recruiter has no right to be refunded.


The User-Recruiter agrees to pay the amount invoiced or claimed otherwise by Sompani Talent Communities regardless whether the Candidate signs with the User-Recruiter or an associated firm of its company, and regardless whether a Candidate signs for a different position than originally intended.


5.2.     Exception on payment obligation


Sompani Talent Communities has no right to any claims if a User-Recruiter or its other headhunting agencies have been in active contact or negotiations with the Candidate for the last 2 (two) months before a User-Recruiter has accessed the Candidate’s full profile page on the Talent Pool platform. For the purposes hereof, “in active contact” shall mean active, direct communication between both parties (Candidate and company) regarding the possibility of a job opportunity at the Company or any associated firm of the Company, where the Candidate shows interest and where the Candidate has not declined his/her interest yet. If User-Recruiter has been in contact with a Candidate beforehand, User-Recruiter must provide clear evidence in writing of the interaction between User-Recruiter or its headhunting agencies and the Candidate. Sompani Talent Communities will have the right to finally determine whether a Service Commission is owed due to a successful hire or not.


User-Recruiters are given a 3 (three)-month trial period from the moment the User-Recruiter registers on the Talent Pool platform, during which Sompani Talent Communities waives any of the above mentioned rights to payment.


  1. Property rights and intellectual property rights


6.1.     “Sompani” is a registered trademark in the Federal Republic of Germany (Deutsches Patent- und Markenamt) that is owned and used by us and may not be used, copied, reproduced or transmitted by you without the explicit consent of the owner of this trademark. “Sompani Talent Communities” is a sub-brand of “Sompani”.


6.2.     Sompani Talent Communities is the exclusive owner or the licensee of all intellectual property rights, whether or not registered; technology; trade secrets; know-how; software (whether in source code or object code); company names; product names; images and graphics; design; layout; pricing policies; strategies; or other content and materials published on our website.


6.3.     Since the content on our website is subject to intellectual property rights protection, such as copyright law and other applicable laws of the Federal Republic of Germany, Sompani Talent Communities reserves all its rights. Therefore the User explicitly agrees not the infringe these intellectual property rights and to abide the following principles:

– Information on this website, including but not limited to illustrations, photographs, video or audio sequences or any graphics may not be copied or used without our prior written consent, unless authorised by law under the exception for personal use;

– Our status and that of any identified contributors/advertisers (partners our third parties) as the authors of content on our website must always be acknowledged. In this regard we advise you to carefully read those partners or third parties policy on how to use/demonstrate their intellectual property on their website;

– You must not use any part of the content on our site for commercial purposes without obtaining a licence to do so from our licensors or us.

– In the event you print off, copy or download any part of our website in violation of these Terms and conditions, your right to use our website will cease immediately and you must, at our request, return or destroy any copies of the materials you have made;

– Any potentially infringing content can be brought to


  1. Disclaimer – Limitation of liability – No guarantee


7.1.     Sompani Talent Communities merely assumes an obligation of means and no obligation of result in that respect. Despite the continuous care taken on and attention paid by Sompani Talent Communities to the content on its website and composition of its Services, Sompani Talent Communities does not offer any guarantee regarding the exhaustiveness, correctness or reliability of the information obtained through the Talent Pool platform and it is not liable for this. Sompani Talent Communities will not be responsible, or liable to any User or third party, for the content or accuracy of any content posted by its Users on the website.


Sompani Talent Communities introduces through the Talent Pool platform a number of Candidates to the Talent Pool User account, which in his turn makes the final selection. Sompani Talent Communities cannot guarantee the quality of the Candidates, and therefore explicitly exclude any liability whatsoever for the final choice by the User.


Sompani Talent Communities is not liable for any consequential loss arising from posted assignments, including but not limited to loss of time, viruses, emotional damage, loss of chance, data loss, loss of profit, loss of revenue, legal costs and/or lawyer’s fees.


7.2.     Sompani Talent Communities is not liable either for the damage caused by the User- Candidate in his capacity of worker to the User-Recruiter during and as a result of his recruitment at the User-Recruiter.


7.3.     Sompani Talent Communities is not liable for any possible damage, including but not limited to direct, indirect or consequential damages, loss of profit or any delay in the execution or the non-execution of our commitments as described in our Terms and Conditions as a result of events beyond our normal control. In the exceptional event that Sompani Talent Communities would be held liable, that liability is limited to the amount of the assignments carried out and paid by the User through the Talent Pool platform within the timeframe of one calendar year prior to the loss and anyhow to an absolute maximum of EUR 500 per calendar year for all losses together, and only upon proof of written records by the claimant of its actual loss.


7.4.     Users explicitly agree that Sompani Talent Communities is not liable for any loss of or damage caused to smartphone, tablet, computer, data or computer and telecommunication systems as a result of the use of the Talent Pool platform.


  1. Termination


8.1.     Each User may hide/delete its Talent Pool Account. Hiding account means that any User may hide his/her account from showing in the search results. Reactivation is possible. Deleting account implies that the account will be removed permanently. In this event no reactivation is possible. Please follow the instructions on the website on how to terminate or delete your account.


Both hiding and deleting accounts is settled via e-mail to A termination will only occur after written confirmation by Sompani Talent Communities. Please take into account the notice period as specified in the written confirmation by Sompani Talent Communities.


8.2.     The Users explicitly agree that any termination does not mean any waiver or liberation of any prior contractual obligations under these Terms and conditions. In particular, payment obligations will survive as specified in the individual confirmation email.


8.3.     Sompani Talent Communities reserves the right to terminate any relationship with a User or Candidate at any time for any reason at its sole discretion. Sompani Talent Communities will not have any liability to any User for any termination.


  1. Protection of personal data and our use of cookies


Sompani Talent Communities is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. Sompani Talent Communities commits to respect the Laws of Germany, concerning the protection of the private life in relation to the processing of personal data and intends to comply with European General Data Protection Regulation (Reg. 2016/679).


The User has the right to obtain access to his personal data, to correct his personal data and to oppose to the processing of its data. With regard to direct marketing each User has the right to oppose, without any cost, against our use of your personal data by sending a request by e-mail to accompanied by a copy of your identity card or by mail to the following address:


Sompani UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

Krügerstrasse 19

c/o Artjom Simon

10439 Berlin



With regard to the processing of personal data and cookies we advise you to carefully read our Privacy and cookies policy.


  1. Availability and technical systems requirements


10.1.  In order to use the Talent Pool platform, the User must have a compatible mobile phone, internet access and the necessary software requirements.


Software requirements means: Android operating system version 4.1 or higher and IOS operating system 8 or higher.


The requirements may over time be upgraded to offer support for new functions and services.


10.2.  Although Sompani Talent Communities makes all reasonable efforts to avoid this, it is not reliable for any technical issues such as malfunctions, interruptions or problems with electronic supply of its Services. Sompani Talent Communities cannot guarantee that faults are repaired at any time, or that the platform or the server it uses is free from viruses or other contagious and/or harmful files.

Sompani Talent Communities is in no way liable for any financial or other compensation.


10.3.  Sompani Talent Communities is at any time, starting immediately and without any motivation, entitled to (temporarily) limit, suspend or terminate one or more Services, temporarily or permanently terminate and/or delete the Talent Pool User account, delete user content and issue warnings, in particular if the users’ actions are in conflict with these Terms and conditions or if Sompani Talent Communities deems that actions by Users may harm the User himself, other Users, third parties, Sompani Talent Communities or the Talent Pool platform. Sompani Talent Communities will in no way be liable for this.


  1. Hyperlinks


No link may be created from any website which may harm Sompani Talent Communities or the Talent Pool platform. This means websites that are in conflict with the legislation, websites with unethical content, or any other non-moral webpage content.


This ban applies to any form or technique of connection in which the name, address or any other element pertaining to Sompani Talent Communities, is included or shown on another website or application that harms Sompani Talent Communities or which refers internet users from this website or application to the Talent Pool platform.


Sompani Talent Communities is not liable for any possible damage for hyperlinks to the Talent Pool platform originating from other applications or websites allowing direct access to our website.


  1. Complaints procedure


In the event that a User, Candidate or third party deems to have found forbidden content or a violation of the code of conduct and usage rules, he/she may send a motivated e-mail to Sompani Talent Communities on the following address: Sompani Talent Communities will take all complaints seriously and will investigate them.


Sompani Talent Communities may intervene in disputes between Users and is entitled to delete any content, if this content is in conflict with these Terms and conditions or if the content is harmful to any or all Users, Sompani Talent Communities, or a third party. When judging, Sompani Talent Communities is discretionarily competent and will always have the final say.


  1. Severability


If one or several provisions of these Terms and conditions are declared void, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of these Terms and conditions. Void provisions shall be substituted by provisions, which are valid and which most closely correspond to the aim and purpose of these Terms and conditions, including the void provisions. No waiver of its rights.


  1. Transfer

Sompani Talent Communities is entitled to transfer all or part of its contractual rights and duties to a third party, without needing the User’s or the Candidate’s consent and without any possibility for this User or Candidate to claim compensation related to this assignment.


  1. Applicable law and competence


The use of the Talent Pool platform and the Services are subjected to German jurisdiction and shall be governed by and construed under the laws of Germany. Any possible dispute, claim procedure, arising from or incident to these Terms and conditions pertain to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of the judicial district of Berlin.






  1. Contact details


Our contact information:

Sompani UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

Krügerstrasse 19

c/o Artjom Simon

10439 Berlin




Your Sompani Talent Communities Team