Why rejected candidates might have bigger impact than the hired ones

It’s not a rule of thumb and employees are one of a company’s most valuable assets. However, it is essential to never underestimate the power candidates you didn’t hire.

According to the Candidate Experience Awards, 40 % of candidates with good experiences in companies that didn’t give them the position claimed they would consume more from that company while 30 % of the ones with bad experiences said they would never go back.

And what’s their power?

Candidates talk (a lot)

Whether very positive or very negative experiences, most candidates usually share their stories with friends, family and the entire Internet. So, an undervalued candidate could cost you the same or more than hiring the wrong person, as they will make sure that everyone knows how bad they made him feel and how unprofessional their HR office is.

Candidates trust candidates

Your company might have the most attractive promise and values in the market, but at the end of the day reviews and opinions weigh more. So, no matter how talented a company’s employees are, if there is not enough effort put on candidate experience it will be reflected on the company’s performance.

A candidate is also a customer

A person who applied for a position in your company is probably one that consumes it and feels identified with it. So candidate experience is a customer experience in disguise, a point that even the best employees might miss or underestimate. And the way this candidate (disguised customer) feels during the recruiting process will determine if they continue purchasing it or not.

So if your company is only focusing on hiring the best candidates, it’s definitely time to change the strategy.